#37 Fort Garry Colin - Goalkeeper    

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for those of you not yet familiar with the sport of Rock and Roll.

After laying down the stick for nearly 7 years, Fort Garry Colin has been called up after years of sitting on the unrestricted free agent list with the reincarnation of Ted.
Being a child who liked to make noise, Colin began playing on the Yellow Pages "Hey! They had a great sound!" till they shredded. He began his Bantam years practicing at home with no formal training. With the raw talent he possessed, hard work and practice, he was granted his goalie pads.

Playing in a number of bands since 1987 ranging from heavy metal to alternative punk to punk rock, Colin has honed in on skills unimaginable. His first band in 1987, Thrash Sunday, ended up being as short lived as a penalty shot, performing only one show. However, a new team emerged the same year named Abomination. Heavy Metal was their game...for a while...1998 was Colin's first musical encounter with Kuba in a punk rock band the Nugatists. Being a member of this Midget team was working till some players left for University teams. Punk/Alternative/Metal band the Shalongs was formed next, and this team played together for 6 years, attending skrums all over Canada and the USA.

Also calling upon Colin to play goal in tournaments were such noteable teams as Mung and the Steaming Muskrats.

Now in the minors, Colin brings his warped humor, unique masturbation technique, and solid ability to stop the puck to Team Ted.