We stole some gear from a pawn shop, stole some riffs from various rock outfits, stole some clothes from a thrift store, stole some booze, ripped off a two-bit drug dealer, and then threatened a local club owner to give us a show, where we ripped off a bunch of microphones and blamed it on the other band. Now people know who we are, and they know not to fuck with us.

One rainy spring afternoon, Ted and Kuba were hanging out down at the Dome waiting for the "Power Hour" to start. Their good pal Will showed up with a couple of beers, and they sat, drank and smoked into the night. As the conversation fizzled out their thoughts turned to women. The three knew right then what they needed to do was start a band...
Since Ted and Will both played drums and Kuba chooses only to play the bass, the boys were hurting for a six-stringer. Ted remembered he had an old flying "V" in his closet, so he pulled it out, dusted it off, and stepped up to the guitar duties and has never looked back. A couple of months later was their first gig at the Starship (RIP). What followed was a veritable cyclone of gigs, beers and injuries, but still no women.


Da Bone (aka Mark) heard that there were beers and girls and all kinds of action goin' on at Kuba's and was over post haste. When I got there, not only were there no girls, but I also had to go get the beer. On my way out the door, Ted and Kuba took a liking to my shoes, which happened to be the same as theirs. Realizing that the two were more than impressed with da Bones footwear he decided to take his chances and try out for the rhythm guitar spot. Packing a few tasty licks of his own, He rocked his way into the band.

That lasted for a year or two, crime and the all-stars team split TED up.
With Ted himself presumably missing in action since late '98.

Present Day...

Kuba showed up in Fort Garry and ran into Colin at rink, He said had seen Ted and with them both being free agents that they should get some beers and get the team back together.

More gigs followed, more injuries were sustained and so much beer was drank, there were rumors of a shortage. There's still no women, but rarely a dull moment.